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About ISENTRESS® 400 mg (raltegravir)

Updated on 14/08/2019

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ISENTRESS 400 mg is a twice daily integrase strand transfer inhibitor

ISENTRESS 400 mg has been studied across a broad range of treatment–naïve populations2-7

  • ISENTRESS 400 mg has demonstrated durable efficacy through to 240 weeks2
  • A favourable long term safety profile with few discontinuations2
  • Allows for concomitant use with a wide range of non-ARVs
  • Over 7 years of clinical experience in the UK
  • ISENTRESS 400 mg is indicated for use in combination with other anti-retroviral medicinal products for the treatment of human immunodeficiency virus (HIV-1) infection in adults, adolescents, children, toddlers and infants from the age of 4 weeks1


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Prescribing Information | Summary of Product Characteristics | Patient Information Leaflet

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