Oncology diagnostics

Oncology diagnostics

Prescribing Information (Great Britain) & Prescribing Information (Northern Ireland) [External links]

Biomarkers are changing the healthcare field towards greater personalised medicine. With these changes come new challenges for healthcare professionals to stay up to date and trained.

PinPoint is MSD’s Oncology Diagnostics hub with a goal to provide sought-after practical support for pathologists to help navigate the complex and changing testing landscape.

MSD aims to be a leading pioneer and partner in precision medicine, increasing clinical benefit and economic value through improved patient selection.

Performing PD-L1 testing in certain tumour types can help select patients who could benefit from immunotherapy.

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Tumour Proportion Score vs. Combined Positive Score

Prescribing Information (Great Britain) & Prescribing Information (Northern Ireland) [External links]

Length: 04:47

Animated video giving an overview of PD-L1 testing and the two algorithms used for PD-L1 scoring in assessment of eligible patients for KEYTRUDA® (pembrolizumab) in certain indications. Please see the Summary of Product Characteristics and the references at the end of the video for further information.

Supporting documentation

Prescribing Information (Great Britain) & Prescribing Information (Northern Ireland) 
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