Patient Case Studies – KEYTRUDA in M/uR HNSCC CPS 1-19

Choosing KEYTRUDA (pembrolizumab) in M/uR HNSCC with CPS 1-19

Prescribing Information (Great Britain) & Prescribing Information (Northern Ireland) [External links]

Use the ⫶≡ icon to navigate through the chapters of this video. This video was filmed on 16/6/2023.

Watch Dr Caroline Brammer present 2 case studies of patients with M/uR HNSCC with CPS 1-19 that were treated with KEYTRUDA. Listen to her discuss the management of these patients, from presentation to outcomes, whilst presenting the decision-making process and supporting clinical data along the way.

Considering IO before chemotherapy: A clinical perspective

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CPS = Combined Positive Score; HNSCC = Head And Neck Squamous Cell Carcinoma; M/uR = Metastatic Or Unresectable Recurrent.


  1. KEYTRUDA Summary of Product Characteristics.

Supporting documentation

Prescribing Information (Great Britain) & Prescribing Information (Northern Ireland) 
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